Saturday, February 04, 2006

Save the Starving Comedians

Ok Im new at this blog stuff. But my book just came out nationally last week and I'm obbsessed with getting the word out
1. because it took me 4 years to write and I think it's pretty real and candid and maybe even good

2. Because I need the gas money! Have you seen gas prices in LA? AndI married a comic...we need to eat too!
So if you support the book you're really supporting starving comics with no insurance and isn't that what it's all about? I'm open you could even sponsor me and I could send you my pic for your fridge and draw you pics at holidays...I'm open.

Currently it's Sat and I was up till 3:00am watching "Lost" DVD"s I can get enough and I'm on the last disc...I may die. Now I have to go wake princess..he's sleeping and it's noon and I have to make his royal lunch.
Plus he told me he'd spackle the holes in our wall today before we move next week.
So anyway...signing off for now....