Thursday, October 25, 2012

Newsletter: FREE Kerri Pomarolli WHOA Magazine Issue

Kerri Pomarolli & Ron McGeheeOctober 2012
Kerri Pomarolli & Ron McGehee
I'm really proud to be a part of a women's magazine that doesn't make you feel filthy after reading it. Last year we filmed the WHOA Women TV pilot, and I'm excited to be a writer for this great magazine. Here is a special discount for my fans to subscribe! 


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WHOA Women
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  • WHOA Women: A community where we share our life's struggles in truth and help others find success by sharing how God brought us through. WHOAwomen we are globally bringing fabulous back into faith and drawing hearts into a more intimate relationship with God through sharing stories of how much He loves us! Everyone has a story and WHOAwomen allows all to hear God's voice one story at a time. Join the WHOAwomen Circle today or to find out more about WHOAwomen it's just a click away!
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Kerri Pomarolli & Ron McGehee
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Come Join Kerri for Pink Christmas 2012




Pink Christmas 2012 is happening on Saturday, November 24th and is kicking things off with the pre-show beginning at 6:00pm. We are thrilled to have joining us the hilarious and inspiring, Kerri Pomarolli. Kerri is a talented speaker, author and comedian. She has been seen on The Tonight Show, Comedy Central and has toured with Women of Faith. We are also excited to feature live music from the Tonettes. Tickets for this year's event are $25/person. You may purchase your tickets on Sundays in the FMC, at the church during office hours either in person or phone, or online by following this link: Pink Christmas - The goal of PINK CHRISTMAS is to draw women together to cultivate relationships, motivate, mentor and encourage one another. So please come out and invite your sister, mother, neighbour or friend - anyone who wants to have a fun night out with the girls! Prepare to be refreshed, inspired and blessed!

For more information, contact Jaime Robson or call the church office.


Kerri Pomarolli pretty much does it all. Kerri continues to hone her craft by working the comedy club circuit and has become one of the most sought after Christian comedians and tours extensively throughout the U.S. and Canada. She has shared the stage with such diverse Christian Comedians as Ron McGehee, Sherri Shepherd, Carlos Oscar and Anthony Griffith. Whether shes at a secular comedy club or a church congregation Pomarolli uses comedy as her pulpit and has become an innovative and charismatic evangelical.

The powerful vocal trio considered to be a jazz ensemble that has made a splash in the Greater Toronto Area for quite some time now. This striking trio is made up of Marlene O'Neill, Cathy Borges, and Amoy Levy. We are honoured and excited for the Tonettes to be our musical performers this year for Pink Christmas.

He will make you smile, make you laugh and might get you to sing on stage! You never really know what he's going to do but one thing we can guarantee is that he knows how to put on a show that we are sure you'll enjoy! He'll have games and prizes that you'll be talking about for weeks! You do not want to miss the pre-show.


PINK ON PURPOSE - an opportunity to serve as we prepare for Pink Christmas. From bows and gift bags, to new friends and fellowship. Ladies please join us at KRT on one or more of the following dates:

Wednesday, November 7th from 5:00pm - 9:00pm;
Wednesday, November 14th from 1:00pm - 9:00pm;
Wednesday, November 21st from 11:00am - 9:00pm; and
Thursday, November 2nd from 11:00am - 9:00pm

No RSVP is required to help. For more information, email Jaime Robson.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Article on Whoa Women magazine

I recently had a article posted on Whoa Women magazine and thought my readers may want to hop on over to their site and read it.

My New Year's Confession:

Friday, October 05, 2012

Newsletter: Carol Channing called me darling and my new TV show is airing this month!

Kerri Pomarolli & Ron McGeheeOctober 2012
Kerri Pomarolli & Ron McGehee
Hey guys!
So the California Women's Conference was awesome. At the last minute Ron and I were asked to be the MCs. I got to meet the legendary Tippi Hedren, and Jo Anne Worley and see Ann Marie from the Dick Van Dyke Show. My good friend Nancy Stafford came to support me--you remember her as the hot chick on Matlock. It was a great experience and Carol Channing was so kind and charming at age 92.

I had a dance off with a 13 year old girl and I pulled out some Michael Jackson moves. You can see it here and I obviously won!
"Dance Off" at the California Women's Conference
This month my newest magazine cover came out! See the pic below with the link. You can subscribe or read it online for free.

Between Ron and me, this month we're off to Pennsylvania and Nashville, Michigan and Ohio. In November I'll be hitting balmy Toronto for some warm weather to co-host my favorite radio show with my bud Drew Marshall.
I had an interesting meeting with one of Hollywood's top publicists, if not the biggest. He was very kind and offered to sign me right away as his client. He only wanted one thing, for me to give up being a public Christian. He said there was no way to me to be a celebrity and an openly Christian woman. We spent an hour talking and I thanked him. It was another moment for me when I had to decide what is more important, being famous in this town or doing what God has called me to do. When He gave me my ministry of stand up comedy, He said: "Kerri, I'm going to use you because you have a big mouth and a nutty family!" And plus Ron said to tell him we have Steven Baldwin and Gary Busey! :) So I'll just keep doing my thing, praying for God to be my manager, and we'll see what new adventures are in store.

Things have been really busy and crazy fun. My new TV show for Nick at Night should be airing soon--"Mom's Night Out"--so stay tuned for details. Thank you for praying for Ron and me. We would continue to ask that you pray for our family as God opens more doors here in Hollywood. That is our heart's desire to continue working here in film and TV and make an impact. We have busy travel schedules coming up and we'd love prayer for energy, great health and divine appointments. Speaking of which, Lucy and I have an audition for a tennis shoe commercial tomorrow. Lucy's been honing her stage skills at Sun school. Last week she said, "Mom, I was one of the Israelites in the play today. Some other kid was Moses...He was older but I shook my fist at him really good cause that's what the Israelites did to Moses." I said, "Do you like being on stage Lucy?" She said, "MOM! I'm a comedian--of course I like being on stage!" So that about sums it up!
Ta Ta for Now!
Kerri, Ron, Ruby and Lucy 
Featured Event: 
TLC: Tacos, Laughs & Chocolate!
October 26 @ Grace Church
in North Country, CA 


First ticket is $10 & each additional ticket is $5
Free Childcare (registration required)
Kerri Pomarolli & Ron McGehee
217 Palos Verdes Blvd 
Redondo Beach, California 90277

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Homework, Homework, We All Cheer for Homework

So when I married my half Korean half Irish husband I was sure of one thing…our kids would be good at math! I was never shall we say gifted in the world of academia. I don’t think I  even owned a book bad all through high school. I would write my papers in pencil the day they were due and make up an excuse that the dog ate my typewriter. Or better yet I’d pay my friends in college to type of my papers, a dollar a page. I think I was brilliant before my time.

My little Lucy is now in pre-kindergarten and came bouncing home thrilled out of her mind. “Mommy I get to do homework! I get to do my own homework and I want to start right now!” I‘ve never heard those words before and to think they were being spoken in my very own house. I must be the mother of the year. I always knew she was gifted. 

So we picked out a special chair and she began to do her work. Here’s a slight issue. The teacher told her what to do and not the parents so the over achieving type A’s like me couldn’t help her or do it for her. She drew her smiley faces in all the right places and ran around the house with the proudest smile I’ve ever seen. She showed Daddy and everyone she came into contact with her homework. I was beaming with joy.

 The next day she came back home exclaiming” Mommy, I get to do more homework! I want to start now!” Well it’s not a dream, she actually likes it. Her smiley faces are pure perfection. We’ve already contacted Harvard and Yale for their early admissions. I think we’re onto something here. Maybe it’s the Asian genes or maybe it’s the fact that her teachers are making homework sound as much fun as eating a fudgecicle. I don’t care! My kid’s going to HARVARD!

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Jelly Bean Jamz Rockin and Rolllin

So Ruby and I have been to three classes now and one thing remains the same. She looooooooooooves the mirror! Alas she has my genes. Another thing is that my daughter loves to be the center of attention and if that means she never sits the entire class and runs into the center of the circle in this class it’s “all good!” 

 Thank God because I was sort of fumbling around trying to chase her and the teachers are so kind they just let each child do whatever feels good. I am thrilled to say with each passing week Ruby is remembering the songs and that is partially because each student has access to the music for the session on the Jelly Bean Jamz download link through the ITUNES store.. 

She gets excited when they are played and waves her scarf or instrument of choice high up in the air. It’s amazing to watch your kids do things you’ve never seen. I didn’t know she could snap to the beat with her tiny fingers. She can’t yet make the snapping sound but she clicks with her mouth to compensate which is hilarious multi tasking. I just love this class and the parents all get a cardio dance work out too. The variations of activities never leave a dull moment for the parents or kids. 

Some other classes I’ve tried seemed a bit boring with too much of one thing. Jelly Bean Jamz is all about variations of fun. The cool thing is, each activity has a learning basis to it based on specific research of how to teach kids musical skills. So it may seem simple, but it’s setting them up to be the future dance/song kings and queens we know they will be. Hey maybe Ruby is the next “Micheal Jackson”? Well he had to start somewhere. I bet he wished he had Jelly Bean Jamz as a toddler! 

  I found out that my older daughter is also eligible for classes as well. There are lots of different age groups and classes and they are all kept nice and small so each child gets lots of teacher attention. I wish I could take our teacher home because she’s the only one you can keep my child still!