Thursday, March 26, 2009

We're Going To Africa to Serve At An Orphanage And Need Your Help

Hi there,

As you may know part of my testimony has always been that when I gave my entire life over to God I knew He was going to "Ship me off to Africa or somewhere hot to do manual labor!" I've joked about this in my act for years and done many fundraisers to send others while I was safe and comfortable at home.

After reading a book about these orphans I felt God speak to me and said "It's time for you to roll up your sleeves and go!" I am not going as a comedian but simply as a mom, daughter and wife. I know I will get more out of this trip than I could ever give to these children. As I pondered leaving our sweet 1 yr old Lucy I was reminded that these children don’t have a mom or dad to hold them. I hope to go and love on these kids.

Ron and I need to raise $7950.00 to take this 10 day venture Aug 10th-21st. We need funds and we need prayer. This is unlike anything we've ever done and we're taking a step in faith to believe that if we're obedient that God will supply the funds.

Our first funding deadline is April 20th and then the 2nd is June 15th to raise approx. $5000 of the $7900 needed. This will cover our airfare and entire trip cost. If you want to help us by giving $10, $20 or any amount to reach our goal we'd be so grateful.

We're going with an organization that goes and takes children off the streets and gives them a place to live, grow up and be loved. These are real kids and when I read Janine's book "It's Not Ok With Me" I realized I couldn't just do nothing. There are some awesome videos on this link If they speak to your heart I'm asking that you send Ron and I as your representative of Christ's love to the little ones. Maybe you will be inspired to go yourself? This whole thing is about God and not us. So we're writing this and taking a step back to see how God will work. We know times are tough. All we can ask is that you pray and seek God. That's what we did and He told us to write this letter.

Thanks for taking your time to read this. Thanks for praying for our family and our ministry. Maybe there are some future comedian children over there who can teach us a few things?

Kerri Pomarolli McGehee


Greetings from Ron!

I know most emails & letters you get about Africa usually involve some really banished royalty, wire transfers, your personal bank account numbers, and a reward for your good deed. This is not one of those letters.

I have been introduced to the great need for orphans who, some, literally watched their parents wither away and die right before their young eyes. My wife, Kerri, and I prayed and we both received word from God that we need to go to Africa. We have been part of many fund raising efforts for missions, but now we are the ones going.

As you know we love to spread laughter and joy wherever God sends us. This is where you come in. We need to raise money to go on this trip. We know we are in tough financial times, but when giving as one gives to the Lord in faith, you will be rewarded.

You won't be helping African royalty, we don't want your bank account number, but we do want your support. Please give even if it is a small amount, because every little bit helps. And please don't forget our prayer support as well. We will be sending pictures and updates as much as we are able. For all the miracles that will happen are yours to share in glorifying God.

God Bless you & Keep you,
Ron McGehee


You can support us financially in one of three ways:
1. Mail your check and the form linked on the homepage to Heart for Africa at Heart for Africa, P.O. Box 573, Alpharetta, GA 30009.
2. Go to to donate with your credit card
3. Call (800) 901-7585 to donate with your credit card by phone

Please keep in mind that this donation must be received by July 5th 2009. Your gift will be applied towards my trip and you will receive a tax receipt. Please use our participant code #7001442 when you give.

Thank you for your support!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Red Rock Rave Review

Hey guys! I recently performed at Red Rock, one of my favorite L.A. secular comedy clubs. It's a hot room and they always have some of the top secular headliners in the country. It's my ministry to go there and do clean, God honoring comedy and also be open about my faith in a fun way. I got so nervous because of all nights the comedy seemed dirtier than normal. The girl who performed right before me was the winner of "Last Comic Standing." She was hilarious and the crowd was going nuts. My good friend Andy Kozel was performing as well. I prayed a lot that night, praying I'd bring the Holy Spirit with me on stage. I even had a conversation with producer Matty Balaker that my friends were praying. Finally it was my turn, followed by a wonderful intro from Matty, "Kerri is not only one of my favorite comics but one of my favorite people", I took the mic. God Blessed me. I felt really good about my set. I was the only clean comic and even talked about being Christian. The audience had already been conditioned with dirty jokes but when I did my act they responded with laughter. I felt so Blessed by God and that he again used me in Hollywood right there on Sunset Blvd. I had some friends in the audience and I knew that they had also been praying for me - and for the crowd.

This review came out on by Brendon Malvihill, who isn't a comedian but reviews the best comedy shows in Hollywood. It means a lot to me that he sees clean comedy can be just as funny. Please read his review (linked below) of our March 3rd show and write a comment supporting clean comedy. I would really appreciate that! It's all about going where God leads us, one show at a time. It's just fun for me to know God may have us in a comedy club, preaching his message and doing an alter call on Sunset Blvd next!

Kerri Delivers and Receives Rave Review at Red Rock's Ballgame Laugh Lounge in Hollywood