Thursday, April 27, 2006

Gospel Music Press Room Video

As you can see in the clip I was doing my America's Top Model audition for the press... hmm... still no calls! But it was really fun to go and goof off after the show. Most of the acts they were talking to were very serious so I decided to ham it up a bit and we think it went pretty well. I'm hoping Amazing Race or Survivor will now want me! LOL

I think I might last 5 mins on either of those shows... by the way did you watch Amazing Race last night? I'm soooooooooo rooting for the hippies!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I'm in AZ suppossed to be resting

Here is the deal..hubby and I were lucky enough to get a few days off and come to this amazing place in AZ Prescott being hosted by Jay and Linda who run this FREE bed and breakfast for ministry people and we must have convinced them we qualify.We've been fed these incredible breakfasts every morning for 3 days and then we sleep and eat and pray and go for's been wonderful. Then Ron got out the computer and my wheel started's like my addiction came right back.Well Ron left today to go work on his TV pilot..praise God for work and I'm here with his computer..I could be doing so many things but here I am with my other lover the feeds that so wrong?

Thursday, April 06, 2006

GMA's Are Over and I Made It!!!

Ok seriously I was stress binging and eating for 10 days and I thought I might not make it into my shiny SLIM silver leather pants but I did. I wore the 3 inch heels and didn't trip. I did have to bend over on stage in the pants and Praise God they didn't rip.The hosting could not have gone better..well maybe if I was Kirk Franklin but besides that I was happy. I was really having fun at some points when I looked out and saw Amy Grand and Vince Gill and Stephen CurtisChapman in the front row it was sooooooooooo cool.
I met some nice guy back stage and he's like" you were good" I said "thanks..what's your name? "He said Mark" I said"Well are you like a singer person Mark?" He's like a band..called Casting Crowns.."I'm like..oh that's fun for you!" DUH I think he's the lead singer..he just giggled. I told him later sorry for not being up on my music info..he laughed.
Anyway..overall it was a great night..I went and did the press room and got to WOW them with my Tyra Banks Audition for America's Top Model poses I've spent my whole life working on. I love doing those press was AWESOME. We got free food...then my mom and dad were there too and we had a blast. Today we worshiped God at the outlet was great too.Then we all went to a "meat and 3" place if you don't know that southern term it means Meat and 3 sides..we ate lots of heartburn on a platter. It's good to bottom out in Nashville before getting back on the diet wagon in good old tofu country CALI

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I'm In Nashville at GMA Awards Hosting

This is nuts...what is they find out I don't know the difference between Kirk Cameron and Kirk Franklin?
Im really more of an Amy Grant Unguarded girl..but here I am in Nash with all the fancy music people and I'm hosting two hours of the pre show tomorrow and up looking everyone up on the internet so I know what I'm talking about.

It's really and honor to do this but I'm scared ...whew...well Mom is here because she wants to meet the stars..hubby is here to stand back stage and feed me funny lines....publicist Rhonda to make sure everyone thinks I'm fancy too..the whole crew..yikes ..we'll see how it goes.We visitedthis amazing AIDS exhibit for World Vision tonight and it was so much of a tear jeaker. We heard stories of all these children with the disease and others that need help..that are dying of hunger it's heart breaking and in the midst of all this glitz and glam for the awards..I'm glad this organization is here. I hope to do some work with them. It even got me thinking I should go to Africa..I KNOW it's Hot there but I want to help them so bad and the typical American thing to do it just write a check right? Well maybe I can do more than that?I don't know was just really moving... I pray people check them out they are doing amazing work all over the world.

Ok I need to get my bling blind outfit ready for wonderful agent Jay told me to rub prep H all over my body to appear skinnier..he says everyone does it...HA I think it's something he learned in his frat days...but I'm not trying it!
I just hope the silver leather pants can still seem holy when I'm in them and they are REALLYtight!!!
Pray forme