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Newsletter: Angel Hunters and Nickelodeon...Ruby Cleans Carpet!

Kerri Pomarolli & Ron McGeheeNovember 2013
Kerri Pomarolli & Ron McGehee
Hi everyone,

This note comes from Amelia, the gang's manager at Comedy For All. We've had a great year. Major exciting stuff going on. Ruby Joy, who has a large Facebook following, was just contacted about being in a Carpet Cleaner commercial.  Kerri is glad she's finally working. Ron is going in for a guest star role today for a new show on Nickelodeon TV. Also, Kerri and Ron got a call from a huge production company in NYC, Sharp Entertainment. They are in the final stages of auditions to host a new show on Lifetime TV about angels! Ron thinks it should be called "Angel Bounty Hunters!"

I wanted to share with you some exciting things happening with Ron and Kerri as a couple with their ministry. You may not know that they have a really powerful ministry to couples as well as being pretty funny comedians. Next weekend they are taking part in a huge event called Relationship Revolution, which includes top speakers like Ron and Tina Konkin and Keith and Mary Hudson (Katy Perry's parents).  For more information about the conference visit

Ron and Kerri can provide comedy and also teach and serve at marriage retreats or as conference speakers. "Our gift to other couples is that after hearing us, you won't feel so bad about your relationship!"

Some of the quotes below are from successful events they've ministered at:

"When it comes to Kerri and Ron, their comedy should come with a warning sign: "Use of the bathroom is recommended before entering!" All joking aside, Ron & Kerri truly in our experience have the ability to minister to the heart. When it comes to ministering to couples, their transparency as a couple is powerful. Their honesty about their own challenges creates a place of safety for the hurting. They truly use the power of their testimony to help the hurting overcome whatever it is they are facing. As far as a spirit led ministry using spiritual gifts to minister, both Ron and Kerri are truly anointed. I know they have blessed us and will bless you."
Ron & Tina Konkin, RPC

This year's "So Get This!" Women's Conference was the best one ever and husband and wife comedians Ron McGehee and Kerri Pomarolli helped make that possible! Their performance on Thursday evening was outstanding and EVERYONE loved them! Their workshop Friday morning on Hollywood was voted the best liked out of all of the workshops at the conference.
Melissa Santiago
Faith Life Church

Speaking Topics from Kerri and Ron:

"How to Fight for Your Marriage and Win-And it's not Fair"- This is about personal struggles in marriage as two Hollywood Christian personalities, and how spiritual warfare tried to cause division between us in very serious ways. I had to get strategy on what was going to make a difference and how we together would overcome. Ron gives his perspective and I give mine. We realize the enemy doesn't fight fair. So we have to be strategic at our game and conquer all of his weapons. We don't fight fair either, we have things we learned right from God and we will have victory. We also do break out sessions for women and men separately as well, and  interactive activities that get the couples involved in their "own fight" to win! In this session we share the secret weapon God revealed to us that will win every time over every power or's the one thing the enemy can't fight!

"Two Comics Walk Into a Church" Laughter Does a Marriage Good - This is one of our lighter presentations using a lot of humor on everyday topics of marriage to chores, snoring, children, pregnancy etc.

"When it Stops Being Funny" - We both openly talk about Ron's journey with depression/ bi-polar disorder and how a spouse can be deeply affected by this. What do you do when you feel helpless to help your spouse battle? How does God come through? Will HE? How can the spouse fight when it seems like a hopeless situation? What about addiction or other unexpected pit falls?? How far are you supposed to go to honor "for better and for worse?" When is it ok not to forgive? Ron has an amazing powerful story of his diagnosis and victory over depression and both of our  life long struggles and God used our marriage to heal both of us in the process.
Also, I'd love to personally ask that you pray for opportunities for Kerri and Ron in the end of 2013. We have room for some Christmas Events and New Year's Eve just became open. This ministry 100% supports their family and I'd covet your prayers for many open doors.

P.S.  Speaking of preaching...check out the 10:30 pm show Ruby and Lucy put on after their parents last Saturday night!
Lucy mcgehee preaching
God Bless,
Amelia McNeilly
Comedy 4 All Productions
Kerri Pomarolli & Ron McGehee
217 Palos Verdes Blvd 
Redondo Beach, California 90277

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