Monday, January 28, 2013

Newsletter: Deep thoughts and dance pics from Ron McGehee

Kerri Pomarolli & Ron McGeheeJanuary 2013
Kerri Pomarolli & Ron McGehee
Hey all!  This is Ron here.  Kerri has allowed (TOLD) me to write up this month's newsletter.   I feel honored and coerced.  Naw!!! I'm really jazzed.  I may even share some of my original poetry with you.

I celebrated a birthday this month.  It  Getting older can be tough.  Getting older in L.A. is not allowed.  Kerri and my girls always give the greatest birthday days.  As I age I just love my girls more and more.  I want to raise them right.  I want them to be loving and compassionate as taught by Jesus.  I believe these are important qualities you should teach your children...because when you're old they're the ones in charge of your elder care.

I had an audition to "Smuggler".  I guess I'm losing weight because before I would only audition for "Chubby Smuggler" or "Egg Shaped Smuggler".

I had fun shows, but the one that stood out was performing for a Dutch Christian Reformed High School "Winter Formal."  They were not allowed to dance, but had a comedian...poor kids.  At least they had great desserts. (Kerri went to a Dutch Christian Reformed grade school; but I guess she was able to dance, well because she's Kerri.)

Kerri and I were voice actors for the new Bible Experience (audio Bible) they are doing.  Kerri and I had a great time and we want to thank fellow comedian James Runcorn for introducing us to them.  Kerri and I learned a valuable lesson:  THE BIBLE MUST NOT BE AD-LIBBED!!!

Kerri taped two new web series, with her newest Mom comedy. Be sure to look for her upcoming stand-up performance episode of Moms Night Out, on NickMom (Nick Jr. becomes NickMom when kids are put to bed).

Kerri is also very excited to go to a fitness camp in Texas with The Biggest Loser Contestants this Spring. (Kerri and I love that show.  We curl up on the couch and watch with a cup of hot tea and brownies. ;) Kidding).

We had a rockin' comedy late night show in Hollywood last night at Improv Olympic Theater. We continue to ask for your prayers that we have lots of work right here in CA. Kerri is in talks about producing and hosting a couple new television projects based on her "Mom Comedy" and things are moving along nicely. So I'm hoping to get on set because I'm sure the craft services will be awesome.

Our family is getting to work together on a spec Spaghettios commercial this week and I'm told Lucy will be zip lining to the rescue with cans of Spaghettios. Our good friend director Monika Moreno brought us in on the shoot and we know it's going to be a blast!

Kerri and still have some Valentine dates available, so if you're a church, business, organization, etc., and want to have some Valentines laughs, let us know.

Thanks for all the great support and prayers,

Ron and Kerri

P.S.  I promised you a poem.  This is called "Birthday Revelations" by Ron McGehee

Family bearing gifts, many two sizes too small,
Thank you Lord for gift receipts, to use at the mall.
Parents giving looks that say, "where did I go wrong?"
Here come the servers to sing an annoying birthday song.
So many candles burn as they fall from someone's sneeze,
A birthday surprise from the attorney of Applebees.

P.P.S. See below for some of our upcoming events!

When: Friday, February 22, 2013
Time:  7:00pm (doors open at 6:30pm)
Where: VFA Worship Center
Cost: $10 per ticket or $90 for a reserved table of 9
Tickets go on sale beginning January 12th after weekend services and during the week in the church office. For more info call 733.9070 x121

These pics are from one of our favorite shows in Kansas. The McGehee one man family comedy band!


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