Monday, November 26, 2007

Best Show on Earth

I'm writing to you live from the "Mommy hood!" That's right our own little 10 pound girl arrive and we're now in survival mode. I'd like to apologize to all the parents out there who tried to warn me. You said showers and date nights would be a thing of the past and I didn't believe you. Ok, you win. I've been in the same bathrobe for weeks and haven't seen the outside world except through that magical box we call the "television".

I hate to admit it but for the past several weeks I've been spending hour after hour laying on the couch during baby feedings basking in the glory of many a mindless sitcom or worse Lifetime mini-series starring some 1980's star. It's been a sort of therapy for me to zone out watching other people's lives.

Today I did something different. When I woke up and had my morning feeding with my new daughter. I just decided not to turn the TV on. As she slept quietly in my arms, I watched her. I studied the way she breathes and moves her lips in her slumber. I prayed, I wept and I thanked God for this most precious gift He's given me. I know these days seem endless and monotonous to new parents like me. But they will soon pass and I will never get them back. How could I trade the best show on earth that's live right in my arms for something Meredith Baxter Bernie is starring in where she murders all 3 of her husbands?

I know the Hollywood writers are on strike and that means "Desperate Housewives" fans are mourning. I would have felt the same way a few months ago about my favorite shows such as "Lost". But now I don't care as much. I have a new attitude about how I'll spend my free time. I'm not saying I'll give up television in some dramatic statement trying to be super mom. Hey, it's the business I've chosen and I hope to continue to be a part of quality projects that whole families can enjoy.

I'm just making a choice that spending time with my loved ones will from now on take more of a priority in my home life. I won't indulge as much in the hours of TV programming that has no value to it at all. It now seems wasteful of my time.

It reminds me of what Jesus said of His return. We will never know the day or the hour. I don't know how many hours I have on this earth with my parents or husband or amazing little Lucy McGehee. I just don't want to miss anything that God has planned for us to enjoy together. I don't want to be the minivan driving parent with the movie screens in back never even talking to her kids. It's tempting, I'm sure.

I vow now to torture my children by making them play dumb car games and sing silly songs on long road trips. I can't tell you much from Sesame Street, which I watched everyday as a child. I can tell you I know all the words to every song Roger Whitaker and ABBA ever wrote because that's who my parents liked and I was not able to control the radio yet. So as I sing my daughter to sleep with "Take a Chance on Me" I smile and think of the many memories I've had with my parents not involving anything but our imaginations and some cheesy song lyrics that I will pass along to my children with great pleasure.