Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kerri's New Blog from Africa I think I Got What I Came Here For.....

I knew coming over here..God would break my heart..I prayed for it..asked for it. So much has happened but words escape me.

We attended church today and I saw God..I heard the the the words over the church wall "The curse is broken the future is Bright." I pray God will give me time to process all of I can properly share.

Today I went to a junkyard...a real junkyard...nothing there...and outcome 7 little faces....7 children..twins that are 3 up to 14 years old... a family of children that live there.

Their mom is a prostitute and dad a drug dealer. They raise themselves...they walk to school. We brought them sandwiches. This is the only food they may get for a week. They are not in the orphanages because they have parents so the law won't allow it. The plan for this family is that when the new home is built ...they will all move in as a family. Strangely enough the couple is still of their babies died. They are both young parents.

The Heart for Africa team feeds them....they put beds in their old abandoned garage. I got to see it. There was nothing in it but the bunk beds...some blankets but an old newspaper comic on the stone nothing. It was unspeakable..but yet they came out and hugged me..smiled at me. They showed me their report cards. The boy showed me" 1st in class" He was number one!

The girls didn't get report cards because they couldn't afford the school fees/taxes. So if they don't get those paid they may have to drop out. Girls are of no value here. They take care of the younger children. They have been living in this abandoned garage for several years. Do they cry? Do they complain? Do they whine like I do about not having enough finances in the bank? NO...they smile..they smile so big...they play.....they ate up the sandwiches so so so fast. They know when the Heart for Africa truck's a happy day. The plan is to do more of course...there are just thousands of children like them so it's just one day at a time. The children sing a song "My Heart is In Africa."

I know my God is in Africa...I know He loves me..I know He loves them...He cares so very much . I will have pictures soon. My heart is in Africa. I wish there was more we could do besides finances..we can pray. I went to the market today and prayed for healing for a pregnant woman..her husband died and she's scared. I prayed for Margaret who has diabetes who is now healed in Jesus name we pray. I prayed for Belinda who wants to go to school.
I know God hears.. I Know if you join all all helps!

Thanks for listening..I could write for heart is here..who would have thought it? Me? Diva.....the least likely girl to be hiking hills....doing laundry( not very well I mind you) gardening( with help from my kids here). It is my love on these children. They give me so very much more....I hope and pray I can pass it on..please keep praying..I think the hardest part in the world will be to come home.

Tonight we will be having a prayer meeting God told me to lead for the team. Some of them aren't saved yet but they are here.
Last night Ron and I did an impromptu comedy show for the team...LOL go figure:)

Ok..I'll stop...I really will stop writing now..I don't want to but I will!

P.S. Do you want to see something amazing? The orphan kids have no toys..there are 65 in the home..they barely have food to eat..we prayed..we laid hands and prayed for provision..the next day..angels came....the US (never had it)...the kids sang...I tried to join in! Later we had a dance off I showed them my 80's moves!