Friday, September 25, 2015

Today I was a little bit down because there was something in my life that I really wanted even though my gut told me it wasn't exactly God's best for me. I gave it up to God and He swiftly removed it. Then of course I wanted it back! I didn't go against what my spirit was telling me but I wrestled with my mind and my flesh more than expected. It's not like God said following Him completely would ever be easy. And He has me personally on such a short leash I could choke myself!

So I decided to visit the Holy of Holy places Home Goods today. I was eyeing a pair of hot black boots and I struck up a conversation with a lady who happened to be from Michigan also. She casually told me that she had been suffering from great pain because of having Lupus and other diseases. I took a chance and asked her if she believed in God. She said "Yes I pray all the time!" I said “Do you believe that God could have sent me here to the shoe aisle because He says He wants to heal you completely and get rid of all that pain you live with daily?”  She had to quit her job and said she was in pain daily. She got excited and so did I .We prayed (I tried to behave and keep quiet) and I heard God tell me she was going to jump on a trampoline, ride a bike in faith for her healing and that she was completely healed today.

She got choked up and told me she bought a bike and was looking at it every day saying "When am I going to get to ride this?".  Her neighbor has a trampoline and she'd been trying to get on it this summer and jump despite much discomfort. She was a believer in God's healing. She just needed a reminder. We prayed for less than 3 minutes, 100% of her pain was gone. She said she felt a warmth sweep over her and she knew it was done. Then she proceeded to share with me her brother and her sister were both battling" incurable" diseases. Of course I shared with her Ruby's story and many more. There is nothing God can't heal and we agreed this was a divine appointment. I invited her to my church and hugged her. God and I bought a shopping cart full of items to celebrate what HE did today.

In recent study group we were discussing what worship really is. Is it a song? Is it an intentional time to tell God how great he is? I remember hitting the dressing room and literally being overwhelmed and shaking with what just happened. I couldn't do anything but stop and thank God for changing this woman's life a matter of moments ago. I learned that true worship can come in unexpected moments and God is always there to talk to us.

I don't know who you are...or where you are right now but if you read this needed to hear this. God has a miracle for you. Wherever you are...stop....ask him....and see Him work in your situation. And by the way, that thing I thought I wanted. The desire for it completely fell away. It was if God was rewarding me for being obedient by letting more of Him flow through me. I really don't want anything to come between Him and I and having the most fun ever like I did today!
Now...if only God could show me how to pray for supernatural weight loss??? :)
(I also celebrated with a chocolate candy bar!)

Speaking of Fashion.....these are my kids rockin out the clothes line Bebe For Kids by Carla Jones Fong