Monday, May 05, 2014

The Love of My Mother

My mom is from the south and had one dream — grandkids. I was in ministry as a single woman for many years. I called it, “Bitter Party of 1!” My mother was so obsessed with me getting married they'd have prayer circles at her church to cast out the demons that were keeping me single! I told her the demons were called "good taste and standards!"
Anyway, she was very pro-active when it came to finding me a man, especially as the years went on and I reached the ripe old age of 26. I was living in California and one morning I woke in terrible pain. I thought for sure I had food poisoning from the sushi I had bought on sale at the grocery store. I ended up in the ER, and having emergency appendix surgery. I was on pain meds and really dazed and confused. I remember while I was lying on the hospital gurney hearing a voice of comfort. It was my mother Barb. She was leaning over the IV in my arm saying, ”Kerri, sweetie, here put some lipstick on. I think the Dr. is single! I'll be right back. I noticed he did not have on a ring! I'm gonna go get him!” Here I was laying there in my Precious Moments night gown my grandmother had given me for my birthday, looking mildly like a homeless person, and she was trying to apply Maybelline Cotton Candy #4 Lipstick on my face and freshen me up to meet my future Dr husband. This woman had no boundaries. I could barely understand her, but I pretended to still be sleeping. About 40 seconds later my mom runs back in the room and she has a male nurse with her. He looked like he'd been taken captive by a pirate (my mother). She was holding him by the arm and brought him right over to me. "Kerri, honey this is LJ. We just met in the hallway. He works here and he's very nice." He looked to be in pain, more pain than me because I was on drugs. She looked at him and his name tag and said plainly, “So what does LJ stand for? Could it be LORD JESUS?" This is my daughter Kerri. She's a comedian. She's been on The Tonight Show. Do you like Comedy LJ? Well, say something Kerri!" And yes ladies and gentlemen that actually happened. No, LJ did not call me and the “single  Dr.”  somehow disappeared also. You wonder why I became a professional comedian? It's for moments like these because with a mother like mine, it's cheaper than therapy!
Mom finally got her grandkids after I told her I was getting married to a Korean Irish Comedian with no health insurance. We certainly enjoyed her calls to us on our honeymoon saying to my husband “So when am I gonna get some grandkids?" Ron replied, “Well Barbara as soon as you stop callin!"
Happy Mother s Day to a mother who makes life interesting! I love you Barb!

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