Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Jewish Love meets Korean Love

Picture it....I'm in NYC city it's a hot summer night romance is in the air. My husband and I are standing at a charming little pizza joint in the upper west side and two minutes later we're face to face with none other than my ex Jewish love Joshua Cohen( see book for that story) and his new wife who is by the way expecting...TWINS! Can you say surreal life? Here's the kicker..it really wasn't that weird. I had to get over how pretty she was and the fact that she literally seemed skinnier than me even though she's 6 months pregnant. I know that sounds weird but besides the belly she's definitely thinner.
Now Ron and I were in town for a show at the Lamb's Theater Off Broadway and we left that day around 12:30 pm thinking we'd spend a nice day in the city sight seeing. Well it 's New York in the summer and we were sweating before we even got out of the cab...and you know how I feel about sweating in general. We couldn't go home so by about 5:00pm we were so haggard we really started to look homeless. By about 8:00pm we had given up completely and when we united with Josh and his lovely glowing skinny pregnant wife Jill...we knew we'd have to "woo" them with our personality.
I have to wonder if it was awkward at all for our spouses to be in this position. But then again Ron had read my book..he had to be tough by now. I only had 68 chapters of "ex boyfriends". Josh said that Jill thought my book chapters on him were hilarious and she was looking forward to meeting me.
I never pictured Josh and I marrying other people then all having dinner together.I spent so much time a few years ago trying to convert him to "my team" I kept saying" Try the food on our side..ham tastes good!" But in the end alls well that ends well he married a nice Jewish girl and our mothers were both thrilled.
So immediately and I mean immediately we all started talking at once...making jokes..telling stories and long story short the next thing ya know it's 1:20 am in the morning and we were all at baskin robbins having ice cream. It was a sincerely surreal..fun..crazy...night. I'm beyond happy for Jill and Josh and it goes to show you ....ex's dont have to enemies and I'm glad I married the "right guy for me". Ron's the best.